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Cementitious leveler in Toronto

If you are in the GTA area and you are looking for cementitious leveler products, you have come to right place.

At DAROTopp®, we have mixtures appropriate for any project!

Concrete Solutions

Other than underlayment, cementitious leveler can also be used to smooth out a subfloor. At DAROTopp®, our products include Portland cement and needs almost no tooling.

Malleable and relatively simple to apply, this compound can be used for covering radiant heat tubing. We subject all our mixtures to strict quality controls to create the best products.

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Self leveling concrete New York City

We can help you!

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At DAROTopp® we strive to meet your needs and offer fast and economically efficient solutions. With our DAROTopp® CEM, a fast curing topping, you can complete any project in a short time!

We also offer high strength self-leveling mixtures that can be used on concrete, pre-cast, or hollow-core slabs. Contact us to discuss your specifications.

We offer fast and economical solutions


Self leveling concrete New York City

When To Use cementitious leveler ?

To restore damaged concrete flooring
To raise the level of a concrete floor
To create a level subfloor