The ONLY company that complies with OSHA's silica dust regulations!

Floor underlayment in Toronto

If you want a superior finished project, choose DAROTopp® for your floor underlayment!

Suitable for any project, our products are of premier quality. We operate across the GTA.

What is Floor Underlayment?

Flooring usually consists of multiple components, such as joists and subfloors. The underlayment is a separate material that covers imperfections on the subfloor and creates a flat surface on which the floor topping can be installed.

Though underlay is not compulsory, it contributes to the final look of the finished floor. The products at DAROTopp® will create an even surface that is ready to welcome any floor covering.

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OSHA compliant


Floor underlayment New York City

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The Right Underlayment for Your Projects

The perfect underlayment can take your project from good to outstanding. From interior to exterior floors, DAROTopp® has you covered!

Our products are cement or anhydrite based and are adapted to suit any type of flooring. Additionally, we are the only company that complies with the OSHA’s silica dust regulations in North America.

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Products adapted to suit any type of flooring


Floor underlayment New York City

Why Is Flooring Underlayment Important?

Increases durability of floor coverings
Optimizes the finished look of the floor
Facilitates renovation of the floor covering